First Bite of Stockholm


It is a city in silence. I wonder if all sounds have sinked under the rivers around. Walking in the street, I hear only my steps and the sound made by my jacket as my arms swiping against my body. This is incredible. I begin to imagine that I could soon hear my heartbeat, my breath, and eventually the sound inside my veins.

There is this wicked shop I passed by this afternoon in the Old Town area of Stockholm. It is a pharmacy, but I think it is actually more like a magic shop.


2 responses to “First Bite of Stockholm

  1. hello, come to say hello. I tried to leave a message on your Odeo message board, but it seems become all random code..?! I don’t know if you could read it…
    anywayz, just let you know that Jeph and I listened to it, nice job, and it sounds like ambient music….?? 😀

    Happy blogging, happy podcasting!

  2. i don’t know what happened with the Odeo message, and I can’t read that code either…

    anyway, i have to thank you so much for all your spiritual and technical support that makes my podcast ever be possible!

    cheers, mates!

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