terra incognita



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Esther Lu. Nice to meet you…from Konstfack CuratorLab, doing this residency here in Stockholm. I’ve been here for almost one month…Yes, I think it is quite stimulating… program structure is changed this year. We are a group of professional practitioners going to travel between here, Berlin, Paris and Istanbul this year…OK, you have a…that sounds very interesting. Can I have your email or phone number for future contact? I’d love to come by for a visit…yes, this is exciting, but do you like this show? Alright…this is problematic, you see, this is…oh, but I love this work…you maybe know…OK, when? Oh, you also know… oh no, that’s so funny…yes, you certainly could have my card. Please do. Call me anytime. Yes, I will go…looking forward.



9 responses to “terra incognita

  1. What is this here post about?

  2. about pieces of my new life in Stockholm…

  3. 嗯~妳的小電器們不耐寒喔!

  4. I love this post!
    I do this kind of self-intro all the time as well…..

  5. Hi E, having fun yet? I thought card exchange was something that Asians obsess over…
    I guess it’s now a global movement.

    Take care of yourself!

  6. it’s like this endless being introduced or introducing myself all the time…i am running out my card shortly, and gonna print new ones with my swedish and german contact info…this is so crazy…

    i arrived berlin last night, and went straight shopping…gee, berlin is such an exciting place to be! meeting joachim later on…will have fun here this week!

  7. Sweetie Ester, haven’t spoken with you for ages. Got your email yesterday (or even earlier? my mind is in a difficult state of being unable to locate myself in the accurate time/space lately.) Just a quick note and hi. As for your blog, I love the fragmentation of your latest entry in Chinese. And the little conclusion after your ‘official version’ of self-introduction just made me cry. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I am experiencing a sense of loss and uncertainty in this floating life. But anyways, shouldn’t confuse you with those non-sense blahblahs. Hope you have a great great experience in Europe!! – Z

  8. just write to apologize that I spelled your name wrong…EstHer 😉

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