a flash

We need a great sense of humor and lots of vitamin c to deal with cultural differences, and to interrogate the void area that so many misunderstanding could probably take place.

I need to spice up these past two weeks’ memory in order to sustain my identity in the situation where I often find myself lost or unfocused, and I need taking vitamin c because my immune system was attacked and my nose running and head ached. It’s a bodily experience when you go that far to search for an exoticism kind of existence. Yes, I definitely find such exoticism or vice versa, but at the same time, I really need to come up with a survival strategy to cope with the reality.

When an obstacle occurs, I have to position myself in relation to it immediately and have my attitude ready and approach thought. It is really a kind of reactive tactic that one has to employ to be able to engage in the situation or society, or whatever. I remember a professor told us that he found military training was usually more creative than art education. I was shocked to hear that sentence; however, it indeed implied some truth that is perhaps overlooked in art for so long—what kind of strategy do we have when a new situation is created and confronted? Art schools don’t pay much attention on this subject about survival, do they? I mean, how far can we ever imagine what is at stake when we produce artworks and its accompanied accidental/expected failures? How do we keep being aware of such tactics to cope with the new reality, which is negotiated by a diverse group of spectators who also have the power to redefine or generate another reading into artworks? How do you always change your position, action and have a jump over your original thought?

After weeks of this collaborative tension with my colleagues, I start to be really alarmed about cultural differences and distance, in a personal level as well as in a larger scale. It takes really imagination which probably is the last tool to build up more connection than anything else.


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