I don’t know what else to do with myself!* Video Screening, Saturday

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I don’t know what else to do with myself!*
9. December. 2006
Saturday / AK28
Krukmakargatan 28, Stockholm

Video Screening: 20:00
Artist Talk: 21:00
After Party: 22:00

artists: david blandy (uk), selim birsel (turkey), amirali ghasemi (tehran), unni gjertsen (norway), tsui kuang-yu (taiwan), adnan yildiz (turkey)

curated by esther lu and adnan yildiz

Esther Lu and Adnan Yildiz invite us to a discussion around the role-position of artist today in reference to the changing structures of contemporary art. Today, artists are traveling a lot due to residencies, biennials, grandiose exhibitions and etc. And they do not like to be involved into these processes as ”tourists” but they are also somehow tourists in this game… In relation to their research in Stockholm, Yildiz and Lu select inspirational videos in order to trigger a discussion around how artist deconstruct-fictionalize-establish-reproduce him/herself in/through their works in this given traveling context. The curators introduce the concept of ‘universal traveler’ and contextualize the issue around the hot topics like ‘’new-internationalism”, “mobile identities”, “art market-ing” and “globalization-alism”.

AK28 is the venue of this show for its identity as being an artist-run space.

Supported by Cultural Division, Taipei Mission in Sweden

• a title of a song by white stripes is transformed.
• video screening is also the premiere of S.G.F.S. (survival guide for stockholm), a research based curatorial project by Adnan Yildiz


4 responses to “I don’t know what else to do with myself!* Video Screening, Saturday

  1. Hi, Esther! Just dropped by to leave some footprints… and say hi!

    Hope your project went well… look forward to see pics from the night.

  2. 我還在想這標題似曾相識,原來是white stripes:)

  3. Happy Birthday Ester!

  4. I am flattered, George. Thanks for your warm words. You are the first one to greet me this year! I am flying to Paris today to celebrate it with Eric and Xiaozhu…(of course, paris! where else can i get some nice food? you were so right about stockholm’s lack of delicacy…)

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