Sound Art by Lin Chi-Wei

Artist Talk: Lin Chi-Wei’s Underground Video and Performance
Time: 14:00, 21 March
Venue: Mandelgren, Konstfack University (T-bana: Telefonplan)

Time: 16:00, 25 March
Venue: Konsthall C, Cigarrvägen 14, Stockholm (T-bana: Hökarängen)

Launderette Conversation
Transforming Dynamics—In Between Artistic and Curatorial Practices
Time: 17:00, 25 March

Taiwanese artist Lin Chi-Wei presents the commission Sound Intestines For Stockholm: Analogical/Digital Body Music performance in Konsthall C.

Sound Intestines For Stockholm: Analogical/Digital Body Music is a series of work composed of text, performance and image. Inspired by the linguistic production process of “Poesie Sonore” from Dadaism and Futurism as well as the live performance of “Concrete Poem” movement, the work is Lin’s recent sound/language experiment to employ all sorts of non-electronic sounds and materials in producing quasi-electronic sound effects while returning his practice to its original body politics.

By instigating and gathering the collective sound and force of the local participants to formulate the Sound Intestines For Stockholm: Analogical/Digital Body Music into an interactive instrument vibrated within the space, the performance that takes the concept of Möbius strip will also complete a duo reversion to transform the meaning of the artwork itself in the Swedish social/cultural context—the interaction and exchange between the artist and the audience become the turning neck of this metaphor, and the de-construction of “Zhong Yong” (Confucian virtue, meaning “amidst the common”) and “Lagom” (Swedish, meaning “the best agreed”) may introspect the energy of inversion to be reborn within each individual and society.

Curated by Esther Lu

Supported by Centre Culturel et d’Information de Taipei à Paris, Taipei Mission in Sweden
Special Thanks to The Farsta Choir, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Centre Culturel Suédois



  1. Hi E, another project in Stockholm coming up..sounds great, good luck!

    March is also my busy busy month…crazy…so I too have a cold now…I just sent away Placido Domingo this afternoon, and at midnight picked up a group of 30 Tango dancers, and to discover that one of them has a passport that will expire tomorrow! So, have to wake my ass up early on Monday to see what we can do to renew her passport, and rush to the press conference at 1:00,..what a pain in the ass to babysit grown ups. Anyways, sorry for the bitching on your blog …haha!
    BTW, I got a lovely thank you card from V. Westwood’s assistant. You are right, they are so old-fashioned. Hand-written card! Love it.

    Take care!
    Love, Anna

  2. Cheers my dear friend, to our work-and-roll! I think I am more or less getting workacholic and work depression at the same time. Endless endeavour created in my restless hands, and I hope I am still dancing as hard as possible. Vivienne sent me a handbag, but it was unfortunately stolen in the mailbox before I ever saw it. Damned…
    I am flying back to Stockholm one week later for the performance production. I miss Stockholm when I leave it. I think I am actually moving back there for good…this eccentric town shakes and sooths my soul in a very funny way.

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